Lumby cautious over pesticide ban

Lumby takes its time before deciding on whether or not to ban use of pesticides in village

A go-slow approach over pesticides is being taken in Lumby.

Council received a request Monday from a resident who wants the cosmetic use of pesticides banned in the village, including on private land.

“We have a new council and I asked them to get informed on the issue before making a decision,” said Mayor Kevin Acton.

Acton admits he has some apprehension about the village enacting bylaws.

“No doubt the less chemicals we spray, the better but how far as a village do we go with rule-setting?” he said. “We know smog causes health issues so do we restrict vehicles?”

Besides reviewing relevant information, Acton believes there may be a need for public input.

“We need to make a decision that reflects the wants and needs of residents,” he said.

“I’m not sure residents want us telling them what to do  in their yards.”

Coun. Nick Hodge is prepared to support a ban on pesticides on publicly owned land.

“It’s a health issue and it’s a way of cutting down on health costs 20 or 30 years from now,” he said.

However, Hodge says the provincial government, and not the village, should dictate what happens on private land.


“The provincial government is studying the issue and we don’t have the capacity to deal with it,” he said.