Lumby council reveals wages

The 2013 annual report shows that $64,796 was spent on council remuneration and expenses

Government costs in Lumby have been made public.

The 2013 annual report shows that $64,796 was spent on council remuneration and expenses while  a total of $1.1 million went to village employees.

“We kept it low and went to just those things that we needed to do,” said Mayor Kevin Acton of attending the Union of B.C. Municipalities conference and other conventions.

Acton earned a salary of $13,032 last year while he had expenses of $5,603.

Each councillor had $6,904 in remuneration while expenses were $4,554 for Jo Anne Fisher, $3,653 for Nick Hodge, $5,411 for Lori Mindnich and $4,834 for Randal Ostafichuk.

“I went to both UBCM and the Southern Interior Local Government Association (conference) and there were Okanagan Regional Library meetings,” said Mindnich of her expenses.

For Mindnich, it’s important the village be represented at conferences because sessions with provincial officials may lead to infrastructure grants.

“You can bring forward issues the community wants brought forward. It helps put pressure on the government about small communities,” she said.

Acton defends the base salary for council.

“Just the reading and studying of issues consumes more than the pay level,” he said, adding that councillors liaise with community groups for free.

In terms of staff and the $1.1 million payroll, there were just two employees who earned more than $75,000 in 2013.

Tom Kadla, chief administrative officer, had $105,542 in remuneration and $12,273 in expenses.  Roger Huston, now former operations director, was paid $92,001 and he had expenses of $4,498.

“Through our staff, we generate a lot of revenue through ICBC (contract services) and the community forest,” said Acton.

“The average citizen is enjoying a well-staffed office and public works department without putting much in taxes in.”