Teacher Michelle Mulholland and Paeton Sharpe

Teacher Michelle Mulholland and Paeton Sharpe

Lumby facility benefits from federal funds

Ottawa will provide $69,915 for a new roof and to also install energy-efficient lights inside

All of those itsy bitsy spiders will be staying dry in Lumby.

Lumby Preschool students performed Itsy Bitsy Spider after hearing Wednesday that the federal government will fund replacement of the roof of the White Valley Community Centre.

“One of our favourite things to do in the gym is ride bikes,” said teacher Michelle Mulholland.

The preschool, which is located inside the centre, also uses the main hall for Mother’s Day performances.

Ottawa will provide $69,915 for a new roof and to also install energy-efficient lights inside.

“It’s all about the energy in the community and people working together,” said Colin Mayes, Okanagan-Shuswap MP, of why Lumby was selected.

Mayes also points out that while the grant may not seem like a lot, that is a significant amount of money for small communities with limited budgets.

“They don’t have industrial bases like Vernon or Salmon Arm.”

Mayor Kevin Acton welcomes the federal support.

“It allows us to have buildings like this,” he said of the centre.

“It’s over-used. It’s a struggle to try and get space in here for an event.”

The total project cost is $135,000, with the remainder of the funds coming from the taxpayers of Lumby, Cherryville and rural Lumby.

It’s anticipated the roof will be replaced by the spring.

“It’s not leaking but it’s getting time for a new one,” said Tannis Nelson, community development co-ordinator with the Regional District of North Okanagan.

As for the new interior lights, it’s expected they will provide considerable benefits in the long run.

“The non-energy efficient ones are being discontinued and it’s estimated that with the new lights, there could be $900 in savings a year,” said Nelson.