Lumby fire hall heats up

A major upgrade is taking place at Lumby’s fire hall.

A new heating system is being installed as a result of FortisBC and the community works fund.

“The new heating system is really two systems – a new radiant tube heating system in the truck bay and a high efficiency furnace replacing our old inefficient units,” said Tony Clayton, fire chief.

“Both systems will operate on natural gas.”

The community works fund is federal gas tax revenue, and the entire upgrade was done at no cost to taxpayers.

“That represents an upfront savings of about $25,000,” said Ron Baker, the North Okanagan Regional District’s protective services manager.

“Add to that the annual energy savings due to the efficiency improvement, and the community could save another $50,000 or more during the life of the equipment.”

NORD has been looking to upgrade the heating system for a couple of years now.

“Energy conservation and environmental responsibility are fundamental values for FortisBC,” said Doug Stoute, Fortis vice-president of energy solutions.

“By helping to fund a heating system upgrade through our energy efficiency and conservation program, we are able to help communities like Lumby meet their current and future energy needs; save energy and money; and benefit the environment.”