Lumby flood work on time, budget

Floodplain mapping and earthworks assesment project proceeds to plan

Following a year of devastating floods, floodplain mapping in Lumby is on track.

The floodplain mapping and earthworks assessment project, awarded to Kerr Wood Leidal consulting engineers in October, is proceeding on time and on budget.

“The floodplain mapping component is nearing completion, with much of the information gathered and computer hydraulic modeling done,” said Jeremy Sundin, director of finance. “The earthworks installed during the May 2017 emergency flood response have been hydraulic and geotechnically assessed, and the consultant is in the process of drafting their report that will detail their findings and provide options and recommendations to council.”

In anticipation of the report, as part of the 2018 Financial Plan budgeting process, council has earmarked $80,000 in local funding so that Lumby can immediately proceed with some of the most critical, time-sensitive options.


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