Lumby freezes taxes

There doesn’t appear to be a lot of interest in Lumby’s financial affairs.

About six people attended an open house Monday that provided information on the 2011 budget.

“That tells me people may be happy with the budget,” said Mayor Kevin Acton.

As part of the budget, which was given third reading by council Monday, property taxes have been frozen.

“In this economy, Lumby doesn’t have the ability for a tax increase. We have to live within our means,” said Acton.

However, Coun. Lori Mindnich insists that a tax freeze doesn’t mean that village activities have ground to a halt.

“We are getting sidewalks done on Maple Street and roads resurfaced. We have to keep the village running,” she said.

“We worked hard on the budget. There were meetings for five or six months.”

As part of the process, the village is proceeding with higher rates for water and sewer to cover operating costs.

Water rates will include a flat fee of $12 and then 64 cents per cubic metre.

The average home will see their cost go from $240 to $310 annually.

“If you are a responsible user, you bill will probably remain about the same. It depends on how much you use,” said Acton of water consumption.

With sewer, there will be a flat rate of $12 for sewer and then a cost of 40 cents per cubic metre.

For the average residence, the annual sewer bill will go from $171 to $247 a year.