Lumby grandma pulls child from raging river

Incident occurred on the Shuswap River near the falls

A grandmother is being hailed for her quick action.

On May 26, a seven-year-old boy fell into the Shuswap River below the falls, near Lumby.

“The boy was pulled from the swift water by his grandmother who was subsequently swept downstream herself,” said Sgt. Henry Proce, with the RCMP.

“It was extremely fortunate that she was able to drag herself from the river near the fish hatchery and suffered only mild hypothermia.”

The 58-year-old woman does not wish to be recognized for her actions.

“She stated she only did what any grandmother would do,” said Proce.

In other news, a rancher on Sigalet Road, north of Lumby, reported May 27 that a cougar had killed his sheep.

The big cat came within metres of the farmer’s house.

“If you see a cougar, you are asked to call the police or district conservations officers,” said Proce.