Lumby mayor has Okanagan Spring on the line for Hockeyville

Kevin Acton contacts Saint-Isidore's mayor for a friendly challenge

Lumby’s mayor has a wager going over Kraft Hockeyville.

As soon as the Lumby and Saint-Isidore, Que. were identified as the two finalists for the coveted title, Acton fired off a letter to his counterpart back east.

“Congratulations to you and your community for making it into the top two for Kraft Hockeyville,” writes Acton.


“I feel a small wager is in order, say a 24 of local ale to the winner of the finals? Our local brewing company, Okanagan Spring, makes a wonderful selection of beer that will surely interest you. I wish you luck over the next few days and hope that you and your community thoroughly enjoy the process of vying for top slot.”

Real Turgeon, Saint-Isidore mayor, has embraced the bet.

“It is with great pleasure that I accept your challenge for a case of beer, and with the best beer that we have with one of our local breweries in the area, ‘Frampton Brasse,” he said.

“I’m sure that the contest is a big challenge for you as much as it is for us, looking forward to the grand finale.”

Balloting runs until 9 p.m. Monday at


Lumby and Saint-Isidore have automatically won $100,000 each for arena upgrades, but the voting will determine who wins the Hockeyville title and an NHL pre-season game.

People can vote for Lumby at on their home computers or phones or they can drop by Hockeyville central at the White Valley Community Centre  Monday.

Computer access will also be available at the Downtown Internet Lounge in Vernon.