Lumby senior care may expand

Monashee Mews operator say more options for residents may proceed

The operator of a seniors care facility in Lumby says more options for residents may proceed.

Some residents have expressed concerns that they can’t get into the 46-bed Monashee Mews because it’s not a retirement residence.

“They are all complex care and they are all contracted to the Interior Health Authority,” said Carol Holmes, president of inSite Housing, Hospitality and Health Services, which is constructing the Mews.

The facility will provide care for physically frail seniors and people with mild to moderate dementia. There is also a 10-bed unit for adults with acquired brain injuries.

Holmes admits there are other needs within the community and her company is considering the possibility of assisted living for more active seniors.

“We’ve had some discussions about a phase two. We have enough land available on the site,” she said.

The next step will be a community information session.

“We will ask people to tell us what they support, when they want it and how much they are willing to pay (for suites),” said Holmes, adding that any future projects must be financially viable for her company.

“We may modify the service package to meet the needs of the community and keep costs down.”