Lumby targets greenhouse gases

Lumby looks to tackle global warming

The Village of Lumby wants to tackle global warming.

On Tuesday, council gave two readings to a proposed bylaw that would add a greenhouse gas emission reduction strategy to the village’s official community plan.

“We all need to be moving in this direction,” said Coun. Janet Green.

“Lumby has already done a lot to reduce its carbon footprint but there is more we can do.”

The OCP amendment would incorporate targets and strategies aimed at enhancing community energy and resource efficiency including the reduction of greenhouse gas emissions.

The village would possibly promote the effective and efficient use of energy resources by raising awareness of programs, incentives and information sources available to the public.

There could also be a focus on water conservation and alternate transportation like pedestrian and bicycle routes.

Many of the possible policies in the OCP amendment revolve around burning and the replacement  of all non-certified wood burning appliances by Dec. 31, 2015.

Green cautions that the village doesn’t want to ban the use of wood stoves because that is the only source of heat for some residents, particularly in the rural areas.

“It’s all about making sure the appliances are meeting regulations,” she said.


A public hearing on the proposed change to the official community plan will be held by the Village of Lumby Oct. 3.