Lumby taxes increasing

Village of Lumby ailing infrastructure to benefit from 2.82 per cent tax hike

Tax dollars are being pumped into ailing infrastructure in Lumby.

The village’s preliminary 2012 budget calls for a 2.82 per cent tax increase, with most of that money going towards reserves for roads and other projects.

“We want to put money away to fix Shuswap Avenue,” said Mayor Kevin Acton.

“Instead of recapping (pavement), all of the infrastructure underneath needs to be replaced.”

The village is proposing to place $25,000 per year into reserves for infrastructure.

This would have translated into a 3.3 per cent tax increase if other savings had not been found in the budget.

The Village estimates it needs about $100,000 annually to maintain its roads.

“Currently, we are budgeting about $57,000,” said Ken Klassen, director of finance.

“The cost of the Shuswap Avenue project is about $150,000 to resurface the road.”

Coun. Jo Anne Fisher hopes residents will understand the process council has decided to pursue.

“I don’t like the idea of passing a tax increase on to the public but they should know that we’re improving infrastructure and putting money into reserves,” she said.

“It’s not something we can avoid so it’s prudent to put money aside. We’re planning now so we’re not caught unaware in the future.”

Acton insists that if reserves aren’t built up gradually, significant tax increases may be needed in the future as emergency situations arise.

“We’re using small increases to get the big jobs done,” he said. The impact of a 2.82 tax increase on a home assessed at $233,921 will be an extra $19.42 in 2012.