Lumby’s Grandview Avenue receiving upgrades

Improvements will be made at a dangerous Lumby intersection

Improvements will be made at a dangerous Lumby intersection.

The village has been told by B.C. Hydro that lights will be installed at Grandview Avenue and Highway 6 while the Ministry of Transportation will improve signage.

“It’s very good news,” said Coun. Nick Hodge, who first raised concerns about the intersection two weeks ago.

“I am very pleased that something was done so quickly.”

Among the concerns about the intersection are it’s dark, there’s no left-turn lane for vehicles trying to access Grandview Avenue from the highway and there is no signage before the intersection informing motorists that Grandview Avenue is coming up.

The ministry won’t agree to a left-turn lane but it has stated that signs will be installed so motorists are aware of the turn-off.

Tree removal was also discussed during a meeting between the village and the ministry.

“The ministry did identify two small coniferous trees located on the south boulevard of Highway 6 across from the Grandview Avenue intersection that they will have their staff investigate for removal,” said Tom Kadla, chief administrative officer, in a memo.

“Private property tree removal to improve highway sight distances is only triggered and dealt with when an applicant applies for a permit to access their driveway on to a controlled highway. Since no access applications have been forwarded by property owners in that area, requests for tree removal on private property cannot be pursued by the provincial government.”