Mabel Lake Road cause for concern

The Village of Lumby is getting a rough ride over road conditions.

The Village of Lumby is getting a rough ride over road conditions.

Council has received a letter from resident Tamara Norton who insists that potholes are an ongoing  problem for motorists on Mabel Lake Road.

“I would expect these potholes will only increase in size as this is a major logging route and logging trucks can cause a great of extra stress on roadways,” she said.

Village officials insist they are aware of the situation and some improvements have been made to the road within municipal boundaries.

“A cold patch mix (of asphalt) is done and crews will keep it up during the winter,” said Coun. Lori Mindnich, adding that other upgrades are proposed.

“If the money is in the budget, I’m sure we will do it in the spring because that’s a priority road.”

During the summer, sections of Mabel lake Road were paved by village crews.

“We’ve spent every nickel we have on that road and there are still a couple of potholes left,” said Mayor Kevin Acton.

Acton also points out that the village is currently looking at infrastructure projects for 2012.

“It will likely be the first thing on the budget next year.”

While maintaining road surfaces is important, Acton admits that one of the challenges is not placing a significant financial burden on village taxpayers with repairs.

In her letter, Norton says the road conditions are putting motorists at risk.

“I find it very dangerous in the fact that drivers don’t want to travel over the holes so they veer into the oncoming, opposite lane,” she said.

“I have had to nearly veer into the narrow ditch on more than one occasion due to speeding, oncoming traffic.”