Mabel Lake water advisory downgraded

Mabel Lake water advisory downgraded

Boil water notice dropped down to water quality advisory Friday afternoon

A boil water notice for customers supplied on the Mabel Lake Water Utility, on the Kingfisher side of the lake, has been downgraded to a water quality advisory.

The Regional District of North Okanagan and Interior Health made the announcement late Friday.

Staff have been monitoring water quality and due to the decrease in turbidity (cloudiness) to less than 5.0 NTU.

“The water quality is now rated as fair,” said RDNO in a release. “Although improvements have been seen in the turbidity at the Mabel Lake intake, based on the factors of uncertain weather conditions forecast through the weekend and high water levels in creeks and lakes, the water quality advisory will now be in effect.

A fair rating means that some customers should be careful when ingesting the water.

Until the water quality advisory is rescinded, the following customers should exercise caution when using water for consumption purposes:

· Young children;

· Elderly;

· People with weakened immune systems. (Customers who are unsure whether their immune system is compromised should discuss with a physician if they should always take these precautions).

For these customers, water intended for the following uses should be boiled for one minute:


preparing any foods;

washing fruits and vegetables;

making beverages or ice;

brushing teeth;

preparing infant formula.

Customers will be informed when water quality returns to normal via road signs and a follow up media release.

If you have any questions about this notice, please contact the RDNO at 250-550-3700, small utilities manager at 250-550-3748, or check online at