Major departments at Vernon city hall combined

Kim Flick has been named director of community development and engineering

There’s been a major shift at Vernon city hall.

Kim Flick, director of community development, has been named director of community development and engineering, following the merger of the two separate departments.

“Given how closely engineering and community development work together, it makes sense to amalgamate the two teams into a single division under a single director,” said Mayor Akbal Mund.

“The director of this division needs to be a leader who can effectively communicate a clear purpose to the team and provide value to our residents and business partners. I have every confidence that Ms. Flick will lead the new, combined team to success.”

The position of engineering director has been vacant since earlier this year when Rob Dickinson pursued private sector opportunities in the Prairies.

Will Pearce, chief administrative officer, says the amalgamation of the departments will meet development and community goals.

“We evolve to address changes in our work environment, to reflect contemporary practices, the policy direction of Council and the expectations of our clients,” said Pearce.

“This means we seek and implement the most cost efficient means to deliver the expected service levels.”