Marina expanding on Kal Lake

Summertree complex increasing dock size to accomodate enough slips for every resident

Marina expanding on Kal Lake

A Kalamalka Lake marina expansion is making waves in Coldstream for a public beach.

Summertree on the Lake is nearly doubling its marina to 49 slips (from the current 29), each with boat lifts, on a proposed 93×52 metre dock

“Pretty much everybody in that strata has a boat,” said Summertree strata council member Rick Jones of the 50-unit complex on Kidston Road.

The problem is that not everyone has access to a boat slip, therefore the expansion would ease the congestion and mayhem currently in the marina. It would also ease congestion at area boat launches as those owners without slips currently have to take their boats in and out of the water whenever they want to use them.

“If we could get all of the slips for each owner in the strata we could manage it better,” said Jones, adding that the expansion will provide for better maintenance of boats.

Coldstream approved the application Monday, but Coun. Gyula Kiss was the lone opponent.

“I sympathize with the problems Summertree residents have, having to hook up and go to a boat launch,” said Kiss sarcastically. “But there are about 10,000 residents in Coldstream, many of them own a boat but have to do the same thing.”

Since Summertree is a direct neighbour to Mackie House and the adjacent Sovereign Park, concerns are surfacing over how the marina expansion will impact the public beach.

“The slips on the south side back onto the Mackie lease area, which is leased to Coldstream for Sovereign Park,” said Neil Woolliams, Mackie Lake House Foundation chairperson.

While the Mackie House asked that no slips be permitted on the south side, Coldstream has added a condition to the approval that plans be changed to ensure there is a minimum eight metre buffer between the slips and the property line. Coldstream can not actually limit the number of boat slips beyond 50, only the size of the dock.

A request for swimming buoys was also made and environmental concerns were raised – over both kokanee spawning and the fact that Kalamalka Lake is a source of drinking water.

“Greater Vernon Services has a concern on boating activity,” said Coun. Richard Enns, noting their recommendation for an environmental assessment prior to approval of the marina expansion variance.

Lee Bliss, a Summertree resident, defends the marina, pointing out that these are local owners who care about and respect the environment as much as the next person.

“What we’re proposing here is not increasing the boat traffic,” said Bliss. “The boats are already there, we’re just managing our boats.”

Coldstream’s director of development services, Mike Reiley, says the dock configuration that Summertree proposes has the least impact, as it is outside the spawning protection area.

“From an environmental perspective the solution they are proposing appears to be the best,” said Reiley.


Marina expanding on Kal Lake