Mayor has park plan wish list

Coldstream’s Jim Garlick wants fire fuel load and parking concerns addressed

Jim Garlick

Jim Garlick

Coldstream’s mayor would like to see a couple of issues addressed in the proposed Kalamalka Lake Provincial Park management planning process.

One, said Jim Garlick, is the increasing fire fuel load in the park and the forest interface with homes.

“The district is working to inform our residents on making their homes fire-smart,” said Garlick. “We would like BC Parks to consider thinning and, if possible, prescribed burns to reduce the likelihood of a wildfire.”

Garlick was one of about 80 people who attended a four-hour public open house hosted by BC Parks and the Ministry of Environment in Vernon in regards to the proposed management planning process for the provincial park.

Coldstream’s other concern is the red gate entrance to the park off Kidston Road. Garlick said the district would like to work with BC Parks to improve the safety and parking capacity there.

“The plan provided at the open house was provided by Coldstream,” he said. “We would work to realign the road and provide road right of way with the hope that BC Parks would allow some use of parkland to provide adequate room to construct an improved parking area.”

Parking at the provincial park was a repeated theme at the open house.

The new management plan will replace the one created in 2003.

The open house also provided information about the cultural heritage values of the park, conservation values and opportunities and future recreational opportunities.

It is anticipated that a final management plan will be completed and approved by the end of 2018.