Mayors unified on transit review

The Okanagan’s largest communities want assurances that local transit concerns are a priority.

The mayors of Vernon, Kelowna, West Kelowna and Penticton are asking the provincial government to review governance models for transit services.

“B.C. Transit wants a governance structure it can work with valley-wide,” said Wayne Lippert, Vernon mayor.

“But we don’t agree with where they want to go. They have talked about a commission or a TransLink model but there could be cost downloading on to residents.”

B.C. Transit has been quite open about why it wants one governance model instead of dealing with individual communities or regional districts in the valley.

“They say it will be easier to work with a larger structure for rates and costs,” said Lippert.

During a recent meeting, the four mayors also discussed how regional districts operate.

“We all have different issues with the structures and how they are set up,” said Lippert.

“A lot of it has to do with how the functions work.”

The mayors were also provided with an update on organized crime activity in the Okanagan.

Lippert said the group remains supportive of the RCMP’s combined forces special enforcement unit.


Other topics revolved around Okanagan Lake, bio-solids disposal, copper wire thefts, hospitals and the Interior Health Authority’s water regulations.