McCune wants to bolster Enderby pride

A goal for city council in 2015 is to let investors and tourists know that Enderby is the place to be.

Mayor Greg McCune is ready for a busy 2015 in Enderby.

Mayor Greg McCune is ready for a busy 2015 in Enderby.

Enderby’s mayor is ready to be a cheerleader.

Greg McCune says a critical role for his council during 2015 is to bolster civic pride among residents and to let investors and tourists know that Enderby is the place to be.

“We want to celebrate what a great community we have,” said McCune, a veteran councillor who was elected mayor in November.

“We want to work with the media and if something happens, such as a new business coming to town, we want to let people know about it.”

A major achievement for the community in 2014 was the recent filming of Go With Me. It stars Sir Anthony Hopkins and is produced by Enderby born Rick Dugdale.

“For a young man to head off and follow his dreams and come back is amazing,” said McCune of Dugdale.

Beyond Go With Me, part of Tomorrowland with George Clooney was filmed in the Enderby area two years ago.

“We’ve seen two successes and the rumour is they’re scouting our area for more,” said McCune.

“This whole region has a great opportunity with the film industry.”

Beyond Hollywood, a major focus for the city will be infrastructure and generating the necessary funding for the work.

“We’re not unlike anywhere else but we have a good game plan,” said McCune of the city’s infrastructure strategy.

“We hope to work with the plan and identify a realistic approach.”

To expand the focus on critical issues, each member of council has been given a specific portfolio they are responsible for, such as infrastructure.

“We’ve been blessed with people involved in the community and we want to use them instead of just getting a report from staff or the provincial government,” said McCune.

“This structure will allow staff to focus on what the community really needs.”

McCune enters the new year with three returning council members — Brad Case, Raquel Knust and Tundra Baird — and three new members of council — Shawn Shishido, Brian Schreiner and Roxanne Davyduke.

Communications with the Splatsin First Nation remains a priority for the city during 2015.

“There are two separate communities in the same area and they’re trying to do the same things,” he said of the city and the Splatsin.

“We are supportive of them as they are of us. What they do benefits Enderby. Enderby is missing a large hotel and I’m sure that’s on their list of projects. It could allow us to host tournaments and  events.”

McCune also wants the city to get residents more involved in critical issues and debates, particularly after the November election brought out more first-time voters.

“It solidifies that they care. They want Enderby to be their home and they have given us a challenge to make it an affordable place to live and raise families,” he said.

“But we want to flip that back on to them where they shop local, invest and celebrate the community. If their friends are visiting, take them to the river or to Mabel Lake.”