Ministry lights up Spallumcheen intersection

A beacon of light will soon shine over a darkened Spallumcheen intersection.

A beacon of light will soon shine over a darkened Spallumcheen intersection.

A street light will be installed at the intersection of Highway 97 and Mendenhall Road, which leads into the Stepping Stones subdivision, and it’s a freebie from the Ministry of Transportation.

“It’s not costing us anything, we’re great lobbyists,” said Spallumcheen Mayor Janice Brown.

“When they did improvements, we talked that we were going to need a light there, so they knew the request was coming down the pipe, that’s why they put all the piping in.

“We said, ‘well, you’ve run the wire there, we now need that intersection lit.”

Presently, there is no light at the intersection, and some residents have noted how dark and dangerous the intersection is.

It was a letter from resident Ike Neutoun in March that spearheaded Spallumcheen council’s lobbying campaign.

Wrote Neutown: “There is a turn lane for a left turn, when it snows this lane disappears and becomes the property of the oncoming traffic and you’re stuck in the traveled lane trying to make the left turn with everyone behind you hitting their brakes.

“Even in good weather, this intersection is dark and it is really tough to see where the turn onto Mendenhall Road is.”

An accident occurred at the intersection in July, sending a visitor to hospital with serious injuries.

That accident, said Brown, helped convince ministry officials that some sort of light was warranted.

The light will be installed within the next two months, and ie expected to be operational by late October.