Missing boy mystery solved

Search and Rescue, public and RCMP efforts lead boy back home

A missing child case in Vernon Tuesday had a happy ending.

Vernon RCMP and Search and Rescue personnel conducted a search after a report a boy aged three or four was seen walking by himself in the area of 15th Street and Highway 6 at around 1:40 p.m.

“He was reported to be three-to-four years old with black hair, wearing a green shirt and wearing what appeared to be pyjama bottoms,” said RCMP spokesperson Gord Molendyk.

There was a second report the boy was spotted near Sawicki Park on Middleton Mountain a short time later, and a third report came in that he was near Mt. Grady Road around 2:45.

Thanks to the efforts of about 30 volunteers from Vernon Search and Rescue going door-to-door in the Middleton area, the mystery of the missing boy was solved.

“It appears the young fellow, eight-years-old, became upset at home and decided to walk to his grandmother’s house on Middleton Mountain,” said Molendyk. “He made it there, and was taken back home to his house in the East Hill area of the city by relatives.”

When the Search and Rescue personnel conducted inquiries at homes in the Middleton Mountain area, the grandmother advised them the description sounded like her grandson and told them what happened.

The boy was confirmed to be home safe and sound.