Mission appeals for cash infusion

Upper Room Mission facing a challenge with a lack of food to prepare meals

Imagine not having enough food to serve 300 hungry mouths a day.

That is currently the scene at Vernon’s Upper Room Mission where low-income residents are served three meals a day.

“We are super-duper low on food,” said Lisa Anderson, fundraising director.

“The pantry is bare. All we pretty much have is condiments.”

Food donations are welcome, but Anderson really hopes the community will provide financial assistance.

“Through corporate sponsorship, we have strong buying power and we can buy at wholesale prices. For every $1 donated by the community, we can stretch that into $3,” she said.

With food donations, the most needed items are meat, eggs, milk, canned items and fruit and vegetables.

The mission provides services to a range of residents, including seniors, the disabled, people with minimum wage jobs and the homeless.

“With it cold out, people are depending on our services more,” said Anderson.

“We want to provide healthy, nutritious meals but it’s difficult to do that right now with the lack of  food.”

Through URM’s purchasing program, a $50 donation will feed 15 people.

“For cash donations or if we are presented with a grocery receipt with a food donation, we can use that for issuing a tax receipt,” said Anderson.

The Upper Room Mission is located at 3403 27th Ave. in Vernon. For more information, call 250-549-1231.