More details released on Greater Vernon governance petition

Society says 2,930 signatures received for campaign calling for one administration

Further details are known about the push for amalgamation in Greater Vernon.

The Greater Vernon Govrnance Society has 2,930 signatures on a petition asking local and provincial authorities to develop a plan to combine area jurisdictions into a single entity.

“We believe this is a significant and credible survey of the entire community,” said Bruce Shepherd, society president.

The breakdown to date of petition results are as follows:

Jurisdiction   2011 Municipal turnout       Petition response      % of 2011 Voter turnout

Coldstream    2,413                                611                           25.3%

Vernon          8,872                               2,032                         22.9%

Area B & C *  1,206                               287                            23.7%

*There were no elections held in 2011, therefore this comparison is to the total turnout for the 2013 Sports Facility referendum.

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