More road work on track in Spallumcheen

Spallumcheen road projects come in under projected budget

A low tender bid means good news for capital road projects in Spallumcheen.

The township budgeted $1,465,000 for road capital projects in 2012 and identified McLeery Road/Rashdale Road, Back Enderby Road, Salmon River Road and Stepping Stones Road as the top priorities to spend the $1.4 million on.

However, Vernon Paving Ltd. bid on the tender for the projects at a cost of $1,015,441.13 (excluding tax), nearly $450,000 lower than budgeted.

“Based on the unanticipated lower pricing, it is recommended that we expand our 2012 program, but not to exceed the budgeted amount,” said Ed Forslund, the township’s public works manager. “That will enable the township to take advantage of the lower tendered unit prices.”

Council voted unanimously to approve the tender price from Vernon Paving Ltd., and also approved supporting expansion of the 2012 program and to include the 2013-16 program in the expansion.

Mayor Janice Brown was absent from the meeting.

Public works will now look at some of the projects earmarked to be done in the next four years, and move some of them up to 2012 to take advantage of the extra funding.


“Some projects will come from ones slated to be done in the 2013-16 plan, I’m just not sure which ones as of yet,” said Forslund. “I have to crunch the numbers.”