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Morning Start: Hot and cold water have different pouring sounds

Your morning start for Wednesday, June 16, 2021

Good morning and happy Wednesday! We’ve been blessed with a nice, sunny day today, with the high being 24 C.

Fun fact: Hot and cold water have different pouring sounds

If you listen closely, the sound of hot water filling a teacup sounds slightly different from the sound of cold water occupying an empty glass.

The difference in sound isn’t determined by whatever mug or cup you’re using. Rather, it all has to do with the water’s temperature.

In a 2014 article by the National Public Radio (NPR), they note that cold water is more viscous — or thicker — than hot water because the molecules in the former are wiggling less rapidly, effectively making them less sticky.

Ultimately, it’s the viscosity of the liquid that determines its pouring sound. With more bubbles forming in a hot liquid, the result is higher frequency sounds when pouring hot water versus its cold counterpart.

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