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Morning Start: Your hair and fingernails don’t grow after you die

Your morning start for Tuesday, June 8, 2021

Good morning and happy Tuesday! We’re scheduled for a sunny day today, with some clouds thrown into the mix.

Fun fact: Your hair and fingernails don’t grow after you die

You may be familiar with the myth that claims that your hair and fingernails continue to grow for a brief duration shortly after you die.

However, Claudia Hammond debunks these claims in a 2013 article published in the BBC.

In order for our fingernails to grow, we need a steady supply of glucose to help produce new cells. But death puts a stop to glucose intake, prohibiting the growth of fingernails.

Similarly, a group of cells that divide to produce the new cells that make hair strands longer can only divide rapidly when supplied with energy. In this case, the energy comes from the burning of glucose, which requires the presence of oxygen.

But with no beating heart to pump oxygen throughout the body in the blood, the energy supply dries up and subsequently ends the cell division that promotes hair growth.

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If you visit the Hope Cemetery today, you will find there are no flowers, no teddy bears, no mementos of any kind on most of the headstones.

They’ve all been removed, much to the surprise of several people who have loved ones buried there. A handful of them have contacted the Hope Standard to bring attention to the matter, and let others know there have been changes at the cemetery.

District staff posted a sign at the cemetery advises that the removal would be happening, with 14 days notice.

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