Museum heating upgraded

Aging infrastructure at the Greater Vernon Museum is the focus of attention.

Aging infrastructure at the Greater Vernon Museum is the focus of attention.

The city will spend $15,000 to replace the boiler piping network in the museum building.

“We’ve had a leak in a pipe underground and it’s from corroded pipe,” said Shirley Koenig, operations manager.

A further $100,000 will replenish the building reserve fund so there is money available to address emergency repairs or infrastructure replacements in civic buildings.

“This is our third break in three years and we can expect more to come,” said Koenig.

Hangar Project Up In The Air

Proposed development at the Vernon Airport is in a holding pattern.

City council has deferred a decision on a development variance permit for 10 buildings at the airport which would contain hangars and residential units.

“The issue of wind and height is an important one,” said Coun. Shawn Lee.

Pilot Horst Mann expressed concerns that the size of the buildings could create wind turbulence.

“The winds could knock us into the ground,” he said, adding that the structures would be too close to the runway.

The development variance permit, which deals with property setbacks, will be back before council Oct. 24.

Ottawa Questioned Over RCMP

A Vernon politician is concerned with the tone of RCMP contract negotiations in B.C.

Coun. Patrick Nicol wants the city to write local MPs and MLAs to determine the position the federal government has taken over the RCMP continuing to provide services to communities across the province.

“The time has come for us to ask a few more questions,” he said.

“We’re asking someone to be accountable.”

Provincial government officials have suggested that Ottawa’s proposed contract is not financially realistic and could lead to B.C. establishing its own police force.

Carnival Captures Cash

Vernon Winter Carnival will get a financial boost from taxpayers.

City council has decided to provide the 52nd annual event in February with $10,000 to help cover operational costs.

“It’s a great organization,” said Coun. Patrick Nicol.

Carnival organizers had requested $20,000.

“With these (economic) times, we thought we should provide them with that,” said Nicol of the $10,000.