Neighbouring support on track for Kidston path

The Greater Vernon Advisory Committee recommends support for phase two of multi-use pathway project in Coldstream.

The Greater Vernon Advisory Committee recommends support for phase two of multi-use pathway project in Coldstream.

The district is proposing to build a three-metre-wide multi-use path on the east side of Kidston Road, which would go to the southeast corner of Kidston and Coldstream Creek Road.

“We’re not asking for funding, just asking for a letter of support to be approved to build this path which will give people the ability to walk and ride, and have access to Kal Lake Provincial Park,” said Jim Garlick, GVAC director and Coldstream mayor.

Phase one of the Kidston Road multi-use path was completed in October 2011, connecting the Palfrey Road pathway to the red gate entrance at the provincial park.

The district wrote in a letter to GVAC that the path and trail network in the provincial park is a “regional draw, frequently used by joggers, naturalists, bird watchers, pedestrians, bicyclists, horseback riders and tourists.”

The path will also provide a safety and accessibility aspect for all users.

GVAC directors unanimously agreed to recommend a letter of support for phase two.

Funding application on hold

One project at a time.

GVAC directors were advised that an application to the national Community Infrastructure Improvement Fund to help with costs on a Kal Beach enhancement project will have to wait.

Tannis Nelson, community development coordinator with the Regional District of North Okanagan, explained that there is a cap of $250,000 funding for applications.

“My original understanding was that was per project, so I thought we might able to get in a couple (of applications), but no,” said Nelson.

So, because the regional district is applying for funding to put in broadband internet service in Cherryville, they will now apply for Kal Beach improvement funding – with no guarantees – in November.

Directors unanimously approved support of a request for $70,825 be approved in the regional district’s 2013 capital budget. That will be the district’s cost-sharing portion of funding for the Kal Beach project, which will see the washroom building get upgraded. Total cost of the project is projected at just under $271,000.

A planned walkway across the sand to the pier has been taken out of the application due to cost concerns.

Bridge fixture

Bridges and a boardwalk along the BX Creek Trail and BX Falls Trail damaged by recent flooding need to be fixed.

Directors voted unanimously to recommend spending $57,000 from reserves to replace two bridges and a small section of boardwalk.