New Coldstream park gets approval

Coldstream will eventually have a new place to play.

Coldstream will eventually have a new place to play.

A new park is in the works on a 10-acre site on Highway 6 (behind the Regional District of North Okanagan office).

Many residents may have noticed that a wetland pond was established at the site in recent months and plans are to eventually establish walking trails to create a passive park.

But that could take a while, since the land is still in the zoning change process – from residential estate to a parks and open space zone.

“That confirms that it’s essentially, forever public property,” said Michael Stamhuis, Coldstream chief administrative officer.

Officials are also waiting to see what happens with the Trintec Enterprises development, which is proposed next to the park.

The commercial development has been planned for the site for about 12 years but nothing has occurred largely because of the lack of a grocery store tenant.

In May, the developer notified officials that there could be an interested party to get the complex started.

Trintec constructed the wetland at the park site – a condition of its agreement with Coldstream. A roadway will also go through the park to facilitate the development.

The southwest corner of the land is slated for a gymnastics facility, if approvals and funding can be acquired.

The park land, owned by RDNO, used to be the school district’s and was being saved for a potential future school site. It was then traded for land on Middleton Mountain. Ten years ago it was even considered as a site for a water treatment plant.