New direction unfolds at GVAC

Mike Macnabb, Jim Garlick elected as chair and vice-chair of Greater Vernon Advisory Committtee

There’s more indication that infighting in Greater Vernon is coming to an end.

Mike Macnabb, BX-Silver Star director, was acclaimed as chairperson of the Greater Vernon Advisory Committee Friday, while Coldstream director Jim Garlick is the new vice-chairperson. Both were nominated by Vernon director Rob Sawatzky.

“We do have a change in attitude and hopefully a consensus-building approach,” said Macnabb.

Macnabb says a shift away from disputes over parks and recreation and water is largely a result of new Vernon politicians being elected in November.

“There was an entrenchment with the last (city) council about how things should go,” he said.

“This council appears willing to discuss options.”

The previous chairperson of GVAC was Wayne Lippert, who was not re-elected as Vernon mayor Nov. 19.

Discussions over the future of parks and recreation will resume soon among current GVAC members.

“We’re going to have another look at it. There is great interest in going forward,” said Macnabb.

Sawatzky doesn’t believe too much should be read into his decision to nominate Macnabb and Garlick.

“I can’t comment on the old era,” said Sawatzky of the former city council’s dispute with Coldstream and the regional district.

“It’s just a rational way to handle governance. Director Macnabb is competent and willing to do the job and the same goes with director Garlick.”

Sawatzky is confident outstanding issues of concern can be resolved.

“I hope rational and practicality will reign supreme. That’s why we were elected,” he said.