New faces added to council

A trio of new faces will soon be ushered in to join a re-elected veteran councillor and mayor in Lumby.

A trio of new faces will soon be ushered in to join a re-elected veteran councillor and mayor in Lumby.

Kevin Acton keeps the top spot after garnering 306 votes during the election Saturday. Challengers Jim McEwan had 229 votes while 133 people voted for Janet Green.

The official count was performed Tuesday and while all of the numbers changed for councillor votes, it did not change the result.

Randal Ostafichuk topped the polls with 397 votes.

Lori Mindnich, who will serve her second term, was also a popular choice with 313 votes.

Jo Anne Fisher ranked third with 284 votes.

The last remaining position on council was close with Nick Hodge earning 246 votes, just 10 votes ahead of Elinor Turrill.

Turrill (236), along with James Harvey (224), Judy Gibbs (219) and Murray August (179) did not earn a spot on council.

The new council will be sworn in Monday, Dec. 5, for their first council meeting.

“It’s just a great mix on council,” said Mindnich, who is pleased with the number of people who elected to keep her on council. “It should be an exciting three years.”

With one term already under her belt, Mindnich offers some advice to her future colleagues.

“Thick skin. It’s a tough job and it’s a very, very rewarding job,” she said, adding that you must represent the entire Village of Lumby.

Ostafichuk admits he hadn’t quite expected to be the top choice for voters.

“I was hoping for middle of the road and I was quite pleasantly surprised with the results,” said Ostafichuk, an expectant father and manager at Tutor-Tech Computers.

One of the first things he would like to see worked on in Lumby is a timely distribution of information, something he says a lot of residents are asking for.

“We’re looking for current events, not history,” said Ostafichuk.

He is also eager to establish and enhance green spaces around town to encourage visitors to stop in on their way through.

But one thing for sure, he will fulfill his campaign promise, made at the Lumby all-candidates forum.

“The only thing I can promise is if you do elect me, you will see me in pants at some point,” said Ostafichuk, who is known around town as, ‘the guy who wears shorts all year.’