New fire chief answers call of duty in Enderby

A new generation of leadership is underway at the Enderby Fire Department.

A new generation of leadership is underway at the Enderby Fire Department.

Kevin Alstad is taking over as chief from Gerard Doorn while Travis Horsman replaces Dan Doran as deputy chief.

“I’m excited about it,” said Alstad of his new duties.

“It’s a really great hall and a great bunch of guys.”

Alstad, who works at Central Hardware, has been with the volunteer department for 12 years. He has most recently been a captain and training officer.

He says that one of his goals as chief will be to move ahead with the new operational guidelines for training.

Doorn has been chief for 15 years, and Alstad has nothing but praise for his dedication to the department and the community.

“I have some pretty big shoes to fill,” said Alstad.

“Gerard has taken the hall from a path where it was not really going anywhere to where it is today.”

Doorn has been a volunteer firefighter since the mid-1980s and he will continue to be part of the department despite stepping down as chief.

“I still like firefighting,” he said, adding that he has complete confidence in Alstad and Horsman.

“I need a little more personal time for my business and it’s time for some new guys with new ideas.”

Horsman has been with the department for six-and-a-half years, most recently as a captain.

“I was kind of shocked when I was asked to be the deputy. I was not sure if I had enough experience,” he said.

“Dan has held that position really well. He’s shown me a lot.”

Doran has been deputy chief for 11 years, and he will also continue on with the department.

“My kids are getting older and busier and it’s just time for something different,” he said of retiring as deputy.