New hearing for development

Because of bylaw changes in Spallumcheen, third reading for a proposed development has been rescinded

Because of bylaw changes in Spallumcheen, third reading for a proposed development has been rescinded.

A new public hearing for Pleasant Valley Estates will now be heard on the matter on an as-yet specified date.

The original application passed three readings in 2008 but the council of the day wanted a number of conditions met prior to final adoption of the rezoning bylaw.

To date, said township planner Marnie Skobalski, the applicant has not successfully addressed all of the conditions.

Deloy Routley of Pleasant Valley Estates Ltd. wrote a letter to the township in January to request reconsideration of the conditions in light of changes to the township’s official community plan and subdivision servicing bylaws.

Such a move made rescinding the original three readings necessary.

“Because it was new information presented to council after the close of the public hearing that also took place in 2008,  you have to go back and have another public hearing,” said Skobalski.

The application remains the same as it did in 2008, and that is to rezone the subject property from large holdings to light industrial, then build a 28-lot fee simple subdivision on the site with parcels not less than one hectare.

The subject property is currently vacant and sits adjacent to Highway 97A rising above the east side of the highway on a west-facing slope.

“Pleasant Valley Estates Ltd. has owned this property since 1994, and we look forward to the day in which it can be developed as an industrial property that residents of the township can be proud of,” wrote Routley.

Council unanimously agreed with the planning department’s recommendation to rescind the first three readings.

Pleasant Valley Estates Ltd. has also agreed to pay a second $1,500 public hearing fee.

The new public hearing is likely to be held in June.