Byron Bolton

Byron Bolton

New name for company

Harbercraft, which manufactures boats, will now be known as KingFisher

A Vernon company has gone through a major rebranding.

Harbercraft, which manufactures boats, will now be known as KingFisher.

“It’s a natural fit for our brands in North American and Europe to navigate under the same global KingFisher nameplate, delivering the same unique customer experience – our famous responsive ride combined with impressive built-in fishability and the toughness of a tough heavy-gauge aluminum hull,” said Byron Bolton, CEO.

The Harbercraft brand has been a fixture in the marketplace for the past 53 years while KingFisher was currently used for its Offshore and Multi-Species lines.

The decision was made to go with the Kingfisher name after extensive consultations with the company’s dealer network.

“Our growth strategy includes working constantly closer with the dealer network so that together we can raise the KingFisher consumer experience ever higher,” said Andrew Klopak, sales group president.

“With the investments we made in product development, bringing manufacturing under one roof, and successfully entering the multi-species boat market, we are well positioned to bring our brand to another level.”

The KingFisher brand represents the WestWinn Group, a privately held company focused on the design, development, manufacturing, distribution and marketing of heavy-gauge aluminum recreational fishing, sport and commercial boats.

Its portfolio includes outboard-powered lake sport models, shallow and extreme river jet models, multi-species fishing specific models and offshore cabin-style models.

KingFisher products are distributed across Canada, the U.S. and Russia.