New owners for market

Former Coldstream Market to re-open under new ownership, with store and fuel stations

After six years of cruising into Vernon or Lavington to fill up, Coldstream motorists may finally have a place to top up their tank.

The former Coldstream Market, which closed its doors in 2006 and removed the gas pumps and tanks, has been sold.

“They will put in new ones (gas tanks) and they are also looking at putting in propane,” said Mayor Jim Garlick of the new owners.

“What they said is it would be a Husky.”

It is anticipated the store and fuel pumps could be up and running in a month or two, said Garlick.

The return of a store in Coldstream’s Town Centre is news that Garlick says many residents will be pleased to hear.

“It’s one of the things that I keep hearing from people is, ‘I hope it gets going, I hope it gets going.’”