New plan proceeds for Cherryville

Rural Lumby and Cherryville put long-term plan into place

A long-term vision is being developed for Cherryville and rural Lumby.

The Regional District of North Okanagan board has given third reading to the new official community plan for Areas D (rural Lumby) and E (Cherryville).

“The community has put a lot of effort into it,” said director Eugene Foisy, adding that the focus is more on quality of life than it is on development.

“The plan is a vision of where we want to go.”

Among the issues addressed in the OCP are parks and recreation, culture, trails and community health.

“There are lots of policies that recognize groups and individuals enhancing life in rural communities,” said Jane Mastin, a consultant who worked on the draft OCP.

The document also considers affordable housing, home-based businesses, forestry, agriculture and the environment.

It’s not likely the OCP will lead to increased development.

“There is already a good supply of land designated to accommodate growth. The plan focuses on existing areas already designated,” said Mastin.

The proposed OCP has been developed through consultation with residents.

“The OCP is an example of input from residents on how they want to conduct themselves in the future,” said director Rick Fairbairn of community priorities.

It’s expected the document will be adopted March 21, but before that occurs, references about arts and culture will be refined after concerns came from artist Doug Jones.

“The current draft version is not an arts and culture policy,” said Jones in a letter to the board.

“It does not acknowledge the existing art and cultural life of Areas D and E, nor does it refer to the arts and culture master plan adopted by RDNO in September 2011.”

Jones wants a more comprehensive policy statement regarding the role of arts and culture in the community.