New Stickle Road plan draws city criticism

Vernon council members continue to demand traffic signal at Highway 97 intersection

A new plan to manage traffic at a dangerous intersection is being blasted.

The Ministry of Transportation presented a new proposal for Stickle Road and Highway 97 to Vernon city council Monday.

“I don’t get the sense we’re being listened to,” said Coun. Scott Anderson.

The current proposal calls for a protected T intersection to allow for left-turns from Stickle Road on to the highway towards Vernon.

There would be a separate left-turn with turn-around access for the Silver Star RV Park area and the ministry would eliminate highway cross-movements and left-hand turns from the RV park.

There would be new acceleration lanes leaving Stickle Road and existing deceleration lanes entering Stickle Road from the highway would be lengthened.

Council members were unanimous in their opposition.

“The actual solution is a stop light,” said Mayor Akbal Mund.

The ministry insists a signal would negatively impact safety and result in delays and traffic queues.

In May, the ministry abandoned the original plan to ban left-hand turns on to the highway from Stickle Road after complaints from businesses and residents erupted.

Look for more in Wednesday’s Morning Star.