New strategy initiated to pursue Greater Vernon parks model

Regional District of North Okanagan directors will try and determine process on how to provide info on Greater Vernon parks and rec options

Resolving Greater Vernon’s parks and recreation dispute has been caught up in procedural wrangling again.

Director Mike Macnabb had wanted the Regional District of North Okanagan to hear from other communities about possible function structures. But there was disagreement on how to proceed.

“There are no two regional districts in the province that are comparable,” said director Doug Dirk.

“It could take eight or six months for a chief administrative officer in another regional district to write something up and then send someone here.”

Macnabb had suggested a visit to the Central Okanagan to see how the parks service runs there.

“Unless we have an idea of other mechanisms, we could end up in a stalemate,”  he said.

Ultimately, it was decided that elected officials will try and determine a process on how  to provide information on potential parks and recreation options.

“We could still drive to Kelowna and talk to their parks people and look at other options,” said  Macnabb.

Vernon, Coldstream and RDNO have had differences of opinion on how the service should be provided, with the primary source of conflict being governance of the function.