No changes made to council appointments

Coldstream politicians have been handed their duties for another year

Coldstream politicians have been handed their duties for another year.

Committee appointments have been approved for 2013 and there are no major changes.

“People have good knowledge on the committees,” said Mayor Jim Garlick.

Coun. Doug Dirk will continue as Coldstream’s representative to the Regional District of North Okanagan while Garlick and Coun. Gyula Kiss will attend Greater Vernon Advisory Committee meetings.

Coun. Maria Besso will remain at Okanagan Regional Library while Coun. Pat Cochrane is on the advisory planning commission.

Councillors Richard Enns and Peter McClean will sit on the mechanics shop committee with Besso and Garlick.

Agenda changes looming

Coldstream council agendas will be prepared electronically early in 2013 and that may provide an opportunity to improve the flow of meetings.

One of the proposed steps includes moving the bylaws category on the agenda to immediately after the public opportunity to address council.

“The purpose of this recommendation is to reduce the waiting time for members of the public who may be waiting to hear council’s debate and final outcome regarding a bylaw,” said Keri-Ann Austin, corporate officer.

“Currently, members of the public often have to wait for quite some time before the bylaws are debated by council.”

Council members will consider the proposed changes to the agenda.