No fee for Enderby boat launches

There will be no fees for boaters hitting the water in the Enderby area.

There will be no fees for boaters hitting the water in the Enderby area.

The Enderby-Area F Joint Services Commission  has shot down the concept of fees for the Kildonan Avenue and Mabel Lake boat launches because of the expense involved.

“The cost recovery is ridiculous,” said director Jackie Pearase.

“It would take us 97 years to repay the two ticket dispensers. When you consider the logistics, there are too many unknowns.”

Given purchasing two dispensers at $26,896, plus the cost of a bylaw officer to check the devises, travel and replacement costs, it was determined that fees would only generate a surplus of $278 a year.

The other option was hiring full-time employees to collect fees at boat launches. It was determined that service would have an $8,796 loss annually.

Initiating fees was first proposed because of the  expense involved in maintaining the launches.

If the fee issue arises again, other possibilities are partnering with the Splatsin First Nation, the Mabel Lake Marina or Riverside RV Park.

Director Tundra Baird says there is a need to speak to the Splatsin band, which operates a parking lot at Mabel Lake.

“Maybe we can ultimately work with the Splatsin on parking and launch fees,” she said.

Action that is being taken by the services commission revolves around evaluating the effectiveness of water use agreements and code of conducts for safe and responsible boating practices.

“We will put up signs and remind people of the proper way to use the Shuswap River,” said Pearase.