North Okanagan RCMP remind drivers to slow down

North Okanagan RCMP remind drivers to slow down

School zones see 30 km/h limit 8 a.m. to 5 p.m.

As kids head back to school, the Vernon-North Okanagan RCMP will be out reminding drivers throughout the community to slow down in school zones.

The 30km/h speed limit is in effect in school zones from 8 a.m. to 5 p.m. on school days. Drivers should also keep in mind that excessive speeding in a school zone (70 km/hr in a 30 km/hr zone) will lead to their vehicle being impounded for seven days as per the legislation.

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Every year, 370 children are injured in crashes while walking, cycling or skateboarding and six are killed throughout the province. The most frequently reported child pedestrian activity that results in injury or death is crossing at an intersection followed by running onto the road.

Drivers and students are also reminded to put away their electronic gadgets and concentrate on the road when driving or walking across the street. Take precaution when entering a parking lot and be aware of stopped vehicles as they may be yielding to pedestrians.

When dropping off children in a school zone, ensure you do so in a safe place where the children can exit onto a side walk. Please don’t stop in the travel portion of the road and hurry your children out.

School buses will be back on our roads. Vehicles approaching from both directions must stop for school buses when their lights are flashing. The fine for failing to stop for a school bus is $368.

“The North Okanagan Traffic Services Section is committed to increasing road-user safety, while decreasing the number of collisions at high-frequency locations within the North Okanagan,” says Sgt. Steve King of the North Okanagan RCMP Traffic Services.

More Tips for Students:

  • Use designated crossing points and follow crossing signals where available
  • When crossing major roads, make sure that all lanes of traffic have stopped before walking across.
  • Make eye contact with the drivers before stepping out onto crosswalks
  • Dress to be seen – daylight hours are decreasing, so wear brighter colours or reflective material whenever possible
  • Always be aware of your surroundings

More Tips for Drivers:

  • Plan ahead, leave earlier to allow yourself extra time through school zones
  • Be alert to children near or around crosswalks and intersections
  • Always yield to pedestrians

B.C. penalties

  • Speed in school zone: $196 to $253 (3 points) (or more for excessive speed)
  • Speed in playground zone: $196 to $253 (3 points) (or more for excessive speed)
  • Fail to stop for school bus:$368 (3 points)
  • Fail to yield to pedestrian at cross walk: $167 (3 points)
  • Fail to obey school guard: $167 (3 points)


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