Anthony Hopkins stars in  the film Blackway

Anthony Hopkins stars in the film Blackway

North Okanagan-shot movie takes on new name

Go With Me will be released in theatres under the title Blackway.

There’s a major development for a feature film using the North Okanagan as a backdrop.

Go With Me, which was shot in Enderby, Armstrong, Lumby and Vernon in late 2014, will be released in theatres under the title Blackway.

“We live in a world where everything is alphanumeric,” producer Rick Dugdale told The Morning Star Thursday.

“You want something (title) near the top of the alphabet. Blackway says action, sinister and suspense. Go With Me sounded like a romantic/comedy.”

Blackway comes from the name of Ray Liotta’s character in the film.

Blackway will be released June 10.

“It will be playing in local theatres, including Vernon and Kelowna,” said Dugdale, who grew up in Enderby.

“There will be a special event locally and we’re working out the details.”

It’s possible that Anthony Hopkins, who headlines the film, could take part in the festivities.

“That’s potentially what we’re working on. It depends on schedules,” said Dugdale.

Promotion of the film, including the talk show circuit and media interviews, will begin soon, and it’s expected Hopkins will do his part.

“You will see more of him. He’s a huge fan of the film,” said Dugdale,

Blackway also stars Alexander Ludwig and Julia Stiles.

A trailer for the movie is currently making the rounds on YouTube, but it still uses the Go With Me title and is aimed towards the Scandinavian release in June.

“The trailer and artwork for North America will be different,” said Dugdale.

Dugdale is currently in Panama searching for locations for a comedy.

“I will be back in the Okanagan soon scouting for a different film. We’re hopefully putting it together for August,” he said.