October warming up to average

October temperatures are expected to stick around average

Following September’s weather, which was wetter and warmer than normal, October temperatures are expected to stick around average.

September recorded 57 millimeters of rain in Vernon, compared the normal amount of 37. The average temperature for the month was one degree warmer at 16.3 C. Two records were broken: Sept. 13 the mercury rose to 30.8, smashing the 2002 record of 28.5; and on Sept. 15, the 2001 record of 29.1 was broken as temperatures rose to 29.7.

Following the arrival of crisp, fall temperatures recently, October is looking on par.

“It looks like we’re going to try and warm up and stay around average,” said Doug Lundquist, Environment Canada meteorologist.

Average daytime high temperatures for October are 16 and 17 C. But there is also a chance the mercury could rise slightly above normal later in the month.

With Thanksgiving just a week away, the travelling public is reminded to be prepared for wintery road conditions on mountain passes.

“It is snowing over higher terrain so people will want to pay attention to snow the passes.”

Routes such as the Coquihalla, now famed as the Highway Thru Hell for its ice and heavy snowfall, prompt the need for motorist preparedness.

Although such routes have already seen snow, the valley isn’t expected to see any sign of it for a while.

“Down in the valley we’re good for another month or so,” said Lundquist.

Visit www.drivebc.ca for road conditions.