Odour source unknown

Complaints have been received about visitors to Polson Park experiencing a foul odour.

There’s a big stink in Polson Park but the actual source is uncertain.

Complaints have been received at Vernon city hall and The Morning Star about visitors to the park experiencing a foul odour.

“Why is there such a stench at the park?,” said one person on The Morning Star Facebook page.

“The smell starts from the south end and you can smell it all the way to the theatre.”

On Tuesday, city council voted to ask the Regional District of North Okanagan if there are operational issues with its septage facility behind the Shops at Polson Park.

“I’ve heard complaints about odours in Polson Park,” said Coun. Juliette Cunningham.

However, RDNO states that no public comments  about odour have been received related to the septage waste disposal and treatment system.

“Odour from the septage plant is quite localized and generally only when the doors are open. There is equipment that helps minimize the odour,” said Dale Danallanko, recycling and facilities operations manager.

“If there is an odour emanating from the facility, it should be short-lived.”

Beyond the septage facility, there is another possible reason for the situation.

“There’s a prevalent, ongoing odour in that area and that’s related to the commercial property there,” said Danallanko.

“My understanding is there used to be a sawmill there and the explanation I have been told is there is organic material (composting).”

Danallanko says RDNO will review operational procedures at the septage facility to ensure all odour controls are working properly.