In preparation for the Interior Provincial Exhibition

In preparation for the Interior Provincial Exhibition

Officers ready for the IPE

The North Okanagan's largest festival includes police enforcement

There’s a  lot of fun to be had at the Interior Provincial Exhibition and the police want to keep it that way.

There will be a considerable RCMP presence at the Armstrong fair, which starts today and runs until Sunday.

“It’s family-oriented entertainment but the whole cross-section of the community is there,” said Gord Molendyk, RCMP spokesperson.

“We need to plan with the safety of everyone that goes there, from the youngest to the oldest.”

Beyond regular uniformed police officers, there will also be reservists and auxiliary officers on the site.

“There will be a crew working into the early hours to deal with issues mainly around drinking, said Molendyk.

Points of interest will be the beverage garden and late-night dances.

Alcohol consumption can possibly lead to fights and impaired driving.

“As we go into a long weekend, officers will be reminding motorists to not drink and drive and to watch their speed,” said Molendyk.

Other areas of concern will also be a priority.

“There is some theft  that takes place and there are some reports of missing kids (wandering off),” he said.

The RCMP are satisfied with the measures the IPE has taken to ensure public safety.

“Officers have been meeting with the IPE planning committee regularly,” said Molendyk.