Officials cautiously optimistic about North Okanagan flooding

Shuswap River residents urged to keep sandbags in place as a precaution

Gord Molendyk

Gord Molendyk

With recent reports that water levels in the Shuswap River have crested and are beginning to recede, North Okanagan Emergency Management officials are cautiously optimistic the worst is over.

“We are not recommending that you start to remove sand bags from your property just yet, as the water levels remain high along the Shuswap River,” said Gord Molendyk, spokesperson.

“There is still a chance we could get a few heavy showers  up against the mountains that could cause some of  the streams to  rise again. We are asking home owners who live along the creeks, and rivers to still continue to monitor them closely for the next few weeks as the water tables are high and the ground is saturated.”