Officials targeting Hartnell Road ATVs

Hartnell and East Vernon road residents raise environmental concerns about ATVers

Some back road enthusiasts are driving increased enforcement to help protect the environment.

Residents in the upper Hartnell and East Vernon roads area recently met with area stakeholders, the RCMP and the Area C director Mike Macnabb.

Concerns were raised about four-by-fours, ATVs and dirt bikes doing damage to the environment on Crown land behind the area.

With all the garbage and people riding through creeks, which are a drinking water source for some, federal ministries are anticipated to get further involved to help control the situation.

The RCMP will also be doing its part to patrol the area a little more aggressively.

“Of course we all have access to Crown land but we need to look after it,” said Gord Molendyk, RCMP spokesperson, adding that there is also the issue of ATVs and dirt bikes driving illegally on the roads leading up to the back woods trails.

“People just need to be a little more respectful of the rules of the road.”