Officials won’t fund Ashton Creek work

Electoral directors calling for short-term mitigation on the creek and long-term planning.

Local officials will reinforce the need for flood control on Ashton Creek but not at their expense.

The Electoral Area Advisory Committee wants the Regional District of North Okanagan board to  write Shuswap MLA Greg Kyllo in a call for short-term mitigation on the creek and long-term planning.

“There is the stipulation that we don’t take any responsibility for maintenance,” said director Jackie Pearase.

The provincial government has indicated that RDNO must initiate a feasibility study on improvements. However, RDNO officials have stated that creeks and flooding are provincial mandates and the costs of upgrades and liabilities could be downloaded on to the district if it does the study.

“It’s their creek and they did work in the creek in 1998,” said Pearase.

“They have the resources in-house to do the work.”

Pearase understands that residents want flood controls in place, but she insists RDNO is protecting local residents by not agreeing to the upgrades.

“Do we ask the residents of Ashton Creek to foot the bill for a few million dollars?” she said, pointing out that the cost for any projects by RDNO would be passed on to the impacted taxpayers.

Pearase insists that the letter to Kyllo will be very clear as to what role the regional district is willing to play with upgrades.

“We will help determine what needs to be done but we won’t pay for it,” she said.