Okanagan in the spotlight

The Okanagan is off to a busy year for film production

  • Mar. 6, 2016 6:00 a.m.

The Okanagan is off to a busy year for film production.

Starting in March, a minimum of four, but up to six, TV movies of the week will start to shoot in the Okanagan. Prep starts Monday and cameras roll on March 28.

“The movies of the week will shoot back to back in continuous production until the end of June,” said Jon Summerland, with the Okanagan Film Commission.

“Psychological thrillers, each one has a million dollar budget, and they will be broadcast on Hallmark Channel.”

The Indie feature film, The Plateau, is being brought to Kelowna by local production manager Iain Hittel. The film will be shot entirely in the Kelowna area from April 11 to 30.

Currently Qube Films is filming a Hallmark movie of the week, A Snow Capped Christmas, at Manning Park, with a possible second Hallmark movie to follow.

“We need crew,” said Summerland.

“The Okanagan production schedule is ramping up to be very busy. In addition to the aforementioned productions, there are several other production companies in discussions to come here to shoot. If you have ever wanted to work in the movies in the Okanagan, e-mail your resume to info@okanaganfilm.com.”