Okanagan Landing flood control project surges ahead

City of Vernon going ahead with $960,000 project for flood control and wetland enhancement at Okanagan Landing end of Vernon Creek

Efforts are underway to prevent extensive flooding in part of  Okanagan Landing.

The City of Vernon is moving ahead with a $960,000 project for flood control and wetland  enhancement along the lower end of Vernon Creek.

“The project will limit flooding by providing facilities for conveyance of major storm flows, attenuation of higher flows, sediment removal and floodplain connectivity,” said Rob Dickinson, manager of engineering.

“A secondary benefit of the project will be a higher level of treatment of water in the basin (metals and deleterious substances) through the use of engineered wetlands. The project will also provide habitat protection and enhancement for blue and red listed species.”

The project is the result of many years of planning and engineering that has allowed the city to secure both private and publicly-owned lands for the proposed works and also identify works on future development lands that will be constructed with redevelopment in the area.

“We still need to go through the environmental approvals process,” said Dickinson.

A federal/provincial grant of $640,000 has been obtained for the work.